What Is Involved in the Home Restoration Process?

A Home Restoration In Progress

A Home Restoration In Progress (hubbleconstruction.com)

Homeowners who have experienced a fire will know that there is a lot to be done to clean up the mess. While they may want to jump right in and get started, it’s a better idea to wait for professional help. Home restoration companies are trained in cleaning up the mess of a fire without causing more damage or injuries. Depending on the severity of the fire, the process may be quick or it could take a while. Integrity Restoration says the following are some things that are involved in fire restoration.

  1. Assessment – A fire and water restoration company will come to your home to assess the damage. The information they gather will help determine the next best steps to take.
  2. Board-Up – If the fire was severe, it might be necessary to board up windows and doors in order to prevent toxins and airborne irritants from getting out into the environment.
  3. Water Removal – The water from the fire crew will be removed and dried with equipment strong enough to suck it out of carpets and upholsteries.
  4. Smoke Removal – Every surface of the home will be cleaned so the smoke and soot will be removed.
  5. Repairs – There will definitely be some repairs needed after a fire. Some will be more severe and others less so.

Don’t hesitate to have a home restoration team take a look at your home after a fire. Immediate action will help it get resolved more quickly and can also help you avoid further damage.