How the Custom Framing Process Works

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Working with a custom picture framing service is easy. Whether you know what you want or have no clue what do choose, a custom framer can help you pick the perfect design for your photo or artwork. Here is how the general process works.

1. Select the Frame

First, you look at a wide variety of custom picture frames to get a feel for your preferences and see what is available. Artware states that the frame material plays a huge role in the overall look of your piece. Wood tends to warm the image, while metal makes the image look more contemporary.

2. Select the Mat

The mat board sits between the frame and your image to protect the piece and give it a border. White mat boards look great for any piece, but you can explore other colors and see what effect they have on your image.

3. Select the Mounting Board

Next, you choose the material for mounting your image. Options usually include foam or cardboard, acid-free boards and self-adhesive types.

4. Select the Glaze

This is the glass that protects your image and mat. You can typically choose among standard, anti-glare and UV-protection glass.

Ready to get started? Call your custom picture framing store for more information and to begin the custom frames process.