How the Custom Framing Process Works

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Working with a custom picture framing service is easy. Whether you know what you want or have no clue what do choose, a custom framer can help you pick the perfect design for your photo or artwork. Here is how the general process works. 1. Select the Frame First, you look at a wide variety of custom picture frames to… Read more »

How To Identify The Termites Infesting Your Home

Before you decide on how to eliminate your termite infestation you must identify what type of termites are damaging your home or structure. In the United States there are 45 different species of termites divided into 3 major categories: subterranean, drywood, and dampwood. Dampwood termites are not discussed below, as they are rarely the cause of damage for the average… Read more »

Design the Bathroom of Your Dreams With Custom Remodeling

If you’re ready to redesign your bathroom, custom home remodeling may be the best way to achieve your perfect space. A beautiful bathroom is possible with the right plan and home improvement company helping you. Creating the most relaxing, spacious and economical bathroom space is a reality with custom remodeling. Relaxation and Luxury After a long, stressful day, nothing is… Read more »

What Is Involved in the Home Restoration Process?

A Home Restoration In Progress

Homeowners who have experienced a fire will know that there is a lot to be done to clean up the mess. While they may want to jump right in and get started, it’s a better idea to wait for professional help. Home restoration companies are trained in cleaning up the mess of a fire without causing more damage or injuries. Depending on the severity of the fire, the process may be quick or it could take a while.

3 Common Home Remodeling Mistakes

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It’s easy to get swept up in enthusiasm when you are planning a home remodel. However, don’t let your excitement cause these three common mistakes. 1. Forgetting About Building Codes Integrity Restoration, Inc says that many home improvement projects need a permit or a safety review. This is especially true when a project involves building a pool, installing electrical or… Read more »